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Whether you use your car above average or just take it out of the garage for road trips, the best ride quality is still important. The cars should be versatile and offer you safety, comfort, time and energy savings. Despite the advanced technology used in cars these days, your car may still need a few quick upgrades to have a better ride quality everywhere.

There are many small gadgets that you can keep in your car that can make a big difference in the quality of your trips. For that, we have listed 13 car gadgets that will not only fit in any car, but will also surprise you with how useful they can be for you.

13 car accessories that make life an easy drive
Source: Disklabs/Amazon

Disklab’s Key Shield Faraday Bag protects your keys’ signal from being copied and intercepted by modern-day thieves. It is designed for safety conscious people and mechanics who want to make sure the key or the car has no problem. For ultimate protection, all you have to do is slip your keys into the small pocket when not in use, and it blocks all wireless signals, including WLAN, 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, GPS, Bluetooth, radio and NFC.

13 car accessories that make life an easy drive
Source: Amazon

The good news is that Amazon’s Echo technology can take you on the go thanks to the Echo Auto, designed for cars. All you have to do is connect your Echo Auto to the Alexa app on your phone and your car speakers for easy use of your usual commands on the go. In addition, thanks to the eight microphones that allow Echo Auto to hear you through loud music and successfully take action, you can request a song at any time, stream your audiobooks, set reminders and check gas prices.

3. OCUBE cordless handheld vacuum cleaner

13 car accessories that make life an easy drive
Source: Ocube/Amazon

Weighing only 0.6kg, the OCUBE vacuum can easily be stored in your car and used with one hand for cleaning emergencies. It has a variety of attachments for different types of cleaning such an expandable pole, a crevice tool and a brush nozzle. Despite its small size, it has a very strong suction power 6200 Pa and can run continuously for 30 minutes on a single charge.

13 car accessories that make life an easy drive
Source: NextBase/Amazon

Nextbase is perfect for you when you need to stay on top of the road in the event of an accident or emergency. It allows you to capture the road with its Images in Full HD, 1440p or 4K quality. It also has an emergency alert to share your information like your location with emergency services. It stands out as the world’s first 1440p dash cam with Alexa built-in, allowing you to stream audiobooks, listen to music and more while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. All things recorded can easily be viewed via your phone or computer thanks to Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity options.

13 car accessories that make life an easy drive
Source: Norshire/Amazon

The Norshire tire inflator is one of the smallest and thinnest tire inflators on the market. it is 8.2 inches (20 cm) long, 1.6 inches (4 cm) in diameter and delivers 175 PSI to inflate flat tires. It is made of metal to ensure durability and is specifically designed to measure the correct pressure needed to extend the recommended tire life. When the battery runs out, you can power the gas generator from a 12V cigarette lighter socket, which means you can use the cigarette lighter socket in your car. If tire pressure is a concern, Norshire Tire Inflator is the quickest and easiest on-the-go solution.

13 car accessories that make life an easy drive
Source: Wacaco/Amazon

Compact, lightweight and versatile, the Wacaco portable espresso machine helps you get enough caffeine when you’re on the go or heading to work after a sleepless night. It is easy to carry as it weighs only 0.0006 lbs (0.3 grams) and can brew you up to 100ml of delicious coffee. You can use any type of coffee beans or roasts, giving you more flexibility to try new flavors.

13 car accessories that make life an easy drive
Source: TKSTAR/Amazon

Keep an eye on your vehicle with the TKSTAR GPS tracker, which provides real-time information on your vehicle’s location with a position accuracy of up to 5 meters. You can monitor your car from your phone, compatible with both Android and iOS, giving you complete peace of mind. With 5 built-in powerful magnets, the GPS tracker can be easily attached to any iron surface, making it easy to install and conceal. It is IP67 waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it on rainy days. Best of all, it comes with anti-theft features to keep you on top of everything, whether it’s commercial fleets or the safety issues of the people you care about when they drive.

13 car accessories that make life an easy drive
Source: VJOYCAR/Amazon

VJOYCAR R1 is a 3D head-up display that vVehicle driving speed, real time clock, trip distance, trip time, GPS signal and altitude. It also includes 6 different interfaces according to your needs, such as speed, speed + clock, speed + trip distance, speed + trip time, speed + altitude, speed + satellite count. In addition to displaying all the information you need without taking your eyes off the road, it also has a fatigue alert and speed alert to ensure your safety.

13 car accessories that make life an easy drive
Source: Anchor/Amazon

This dual-port USB device plugs into your cigarette lighter and provides access to over 25,000 Alexa skills, making it the first Alexa-enabled vehicle charger. In addition to voice-controlled navigation, hands-free calling and music streaming, you can also use it to remotely control smart devices in your home. Best of all, both the driver and passenger can benefit from two charging ports that contain Anker’s patented PowerIQ technology, which enables high-speed charging.

13 car accessories that make life an easy drive
Source: ESCORT/Amazon

The Escort MAX360 is a reliable companion for frequent travelers thanks to its sophisticated functions and excellent long-distance detection ability. The radar detector is one of the most technologically advanced on the market and is the best choice for avoiding irritating speeding tickets on the Autobahn if you have a lead foot. It is Front and rear antennas quickly scan in all directions thanks to lightning-fast digital signal processing (DSP) focus to find threats faster and more accurately than any other detector.

13 car accessories that make life an easy drive
Source: WolfBox/Amazon

Aside from capturing funny videos of you and your friends on a car ride, dash cams can be crucial in the event of an accident due to their ability to provide evidence to law enforcement and insurance companies. For this reason, the Wolfbox Backup Camera has many functional features. The package contains one 170° front and 140° rear lens, 2.5D curved screen, Full HD1080P quality and its OEM look make it so easy to integrate into an existing rearview mirror. It also helps you with its streaming media rear view, parking monitoring, GPS function, G-sensor, collision recording, loop recording, video time-lapse and adjustable display viewing angle to have the safest driving on the road to have street.

13 car accessories that make life an easy drive
Source: Phillips/Amazon

Clean air in our cars is of great importance thanks to the pandemic. Stylish, modern and easy to install, this high-end car air purifier uses a three-layer filtration system to eliminate up to 99% of harmful bacteria, gases, smoke and odors in the cabin. It also has an integrated air particle sensor that shows the current air quality in your car to ensure it’s clean enough to carry passengers.

13 car accessories that make life an easy drive
Source: Noco/Amazon

Noco Boost Plus GB40 is A powerful battery booster that doubles as a LED flashlight and portable power bank for USB devices. The 1000 amp device features a compact design and patented safety technology that ensures spark-proof connections and reverse polarity protection. It is recommended for Petrol engines up to 6 liters and diesel engines up to 3 liters, can also be used for boats, lawn mowers and more.

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