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The best way to achieve that car wash shine without the expensive wash price is to use a foam gun. A foam cannon, also known as a soap gun, automatically mixes car wash soap with water, ensuring the perfect solution for every vehicle, every time. Whether you use a pressure washer or just a standard garden hose, you’ll keep your paint and finish free from the swirl and scratches caused by rags and sponges, and roll away with a scratch-free shine every time.

While professional detailers invest in expensive pressure washers and filtration systems to use powerful foam guns, the auto detail enthusiast can achieve the same effect with an inexpensive foam gun. Many of those selected below are designed to be used with your ordinary garden hose – no pressure washing required. If you go this route, you’ll probably want to use the right car wash soap, the three-bucket system, and a microfiber wash mitt to make sure you get all the dirt out.

However, if you have a pressure washer, you should definitely consider using it and one of the foam guns below to wash your car. Quick and easy car washes can be achieved with the high pressure soap spray that removes dirt and debris without ever touching the car yourself.

In the market for a foam cannon? Here are some of our favourites.

The best car wash soaps

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  • Not “cheap” but not expensive at all
  • Use with standard garden hose
  • Some users complain about the bottle’s threading, but most have no problems

We like Torq because it lets you adjust the soap to water ratio based on how dirty your vehicle is. And we love that it comes straight from Chemical Guys, one of our favorite auto parts companies.


Pressure washer gun with soap foam blaster

  • Guide the flow of soap with five tips
  • Ideal for washing trucks and reaching high places
  • Cannot be used with standard garden hose

If you prefer to use your pressure washer to wash your car, this ProWash foam cannon and spray gun kit features a 14mm connection and a choice of tips to control your spray pattern from fine to fan-like.


Foam cannon with car wash

  • Only compatible with pressure washers
  • Also ideal for domestic use
  • More expensive than the soap or foam cannon alone

TriNova is one of the most respected names in car wash and finish products and we like this foam gun because it comes with a full gallon of TriNova’s fantastic car shampoo & conditioner.


Foam blaster pressure washer

  • Works great for household applications
  • Comes with a 4 ounce sample bottle of laundry detergent
  • The included cleaning agent is not ideal for car paintwork

Not surprisingly, Home Depot’s best-selling pressure washer comes from one of the leading names in power tools. It features a control lever to turn the foam on and off, and you can easily attach a quarter-inch spray wand if you prefer.


Extremely foaming spray gun

  • Larger reservoir than most soap guns
  • Port freight affordability
  • Some pros don’t trust HF for tools, but items like this are fine

Grant’s 32-ounce soap reservoir is translucent so you can easily see the remaining soap. The pistol grip detaches from the reservoir for easy cleaning. And it connects directly to your water hose.


Big Mouth Max Release Foam Cannon

  • Extra large storage container
  • Trusted Brand Name
  • More firepower than most of us need

If you own a large truck or van, a few vehicles that you want to wash all at once, or even if you’re a part-time detailer, you need a soap gun that can get the job done quickly. For this you need a blaster with a large storage tank that can spit out a lot of foam in a short time. Hence the Chemical Guys Big Mouth.

  • Five spray settings to control flow
  • Includes trigger lock for constant flow
  • Professionals and connoisseurs will want to up the price of this soap gun

If you’re on a budget – or, like many of us, a foam blaster is just one of those things you refuse to pay big bucks for – then the Carwash Cannon is perfect for you. It attaches directly to your hose.

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