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Electric vehicles (or EVs) have yet to replace gasoline cars, but their popularity is slowly growing. Most people love the convenience of being able to charge at home and skip the pumps, especially when prices are rising. However, there are still fears that electric vehicles are still too new and that there will be unforeseen problems in the future. But fear not, as there are tons of accessories that you can use in your electric vehicle to solve almost any problem you face on the road.

EV charger

A Toyota vehicle connected to an electric vehicle charging station which is one of the best EV accessories
A Toyota vehicle plugged into an electric vehicle charging station | Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc. via Getty Images

An electric charger is pretty much self-explanatory. You need it to juice up your electric vehicle. Sometimes a charger will provide a plug, or you will need to use the cable that came with your electric vehicle.

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