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Best car cleaning products and equipment.

Choosing the best car cleaning products and equipment can be time-consuming and overwhelming. After countless hours of research and testing, we’ve created the ultimate car cleaning kits to save you the hassle.

The car wash kit, exterior cleaning kit, interior cleaning kit and paint correction kit contain all the necessary products to take care of your car like a pro. There may be cheaper car cleaning kits available. However, these prepackaged packages often exclude important products. Additionally, they may not provide the quantity needed to detail even the smallest of vehicles.

Many people find cleaning their car a relaxing way to spend the weekend, and the results can be gratifying. Finally, the feeling of driving a freshly detailed car that looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor is hard to beat. Learning to detail a car with the best products and tools will save you money in the long run. It also helps maintain the vehicle’s resale value.

The best car cleaning kits

Choosing the best car cleaning kit is not always easy as almost every car care brand offers ready-made kits. Most brands offer a full range of high performance car cleaning products. Still, every brand seems to have a few products that stand out from the rest (car wash pun intended). Using a brand-agnostic approach allows building a collection of the best car cleaning products and equipment for all-inclusive kits.

How products are rated:

Price – The product price is a significant factor when choosing items for the car cleaning list. Many products are either in the average price or slightly above average. Less expensive consumables may not last as long or require more product per use. At the same time, the highest-priced products may offer diminishing returns when prices increase significantly.

perfomance – Consider efficacy, safety and durability when determining a product’s performance. The products featured on our curated list offer powerful cleaning abilities and can be used on a variety of surfaces. Product durability may vary depending on driving conditions. Still, every product featured has an average lifespan that rivals the competition.

user friendliness – Some products offer exceptional performance, but their application can be tedious. Working with difficult-to-use products can reduce the enjoyment of car cleaning and lead to some mistakes in the learning process. The longest-lasting product isn’t of much use if a typical consumer can’t easily apply it properly in a do-it-yourself car cleaning environment.

Types of car cleaning kits:

car wash

Car wash products and equipment.

There are quite a number of car washes on the market. Many of them come with a single bucket, a wash mitt, and a few microfiber towels. These pre-assembled kits fall short as the safest way to wash a car is to use the two bucket car wash method. The first bucket is filled with water to rinse the wash mitt after cleaning each panel, while a second bucket holds car shampoo. Each bucket should also be equipped with a dirt filter to minimize the risk of paint damage.

It’s good practice to use several wash mitts or to have a microfiber cloth for cleaning the car’s under panels. The bumpers and rocker panels tend to be a lot dirtier than other areas. Using separate wash media to clean these parts is ideal. Remember to always start by washing the roof and work your way down to the sills to minimize the risk of paint damage.

The ultimate car wash kit includes everything from a hose to a tire shine and everything in between. If you already have a collection of car detailing accessories, you can select the missing items from your product and equipment range or use an upgrade.

Car Wash Kit Product List

Car wash - product list

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Exterior cleaning kit for cars

Products and equipment for car exterior cleaning.

The exterior cleaning kit contains many of the items found in the car wash kit. The ancillary products focus on decontamination and paintwork protection. It is best to decontaminate a car’s paintwork annually. That’s why the exterior cleaning kit contains everything you need to remove stubborn dirt and dirt that lies beneath the surface. For example, if you use iron remover, tar remover and clay bar, the paint will remain smooth as glass.

Note of caution for new vehicle conditioners: Never use iron remover in a closed garage. The toxic sulfur smell is incredibly strong and lingers for days in areas without proper ventilation. Also, wear nitrile gloves when working with iron and tar removers as the odor won’t wash off easily and you don’t want to absorb strong chemicals through your skin.

The ultimate car exterior cleaning kit contains supplies needed to service a car for a few years or multiple vehicles for a year. You can purchase some of the products listed in bulk to reduce the cost per application. However, commercial size containers or multipacks may be too much for the average person to keep on hand.

Car Exterior Cleaning Kit – Product List

Car Exterior Cleaning Kit - Product List

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Car interior cleaning kit

Products and equipment for vehicle interior cleaning.

This accessory list contains everything you need to decorate a car’s interior, except for the expensive equipment. For example, a steam steam cleaner and a hot water vacuum cleaner are important purchases. Each item can easily cost over $1,000. We do, however, include a wet/dry vacuum in the list of interior car cleaning. A powerful vacuum cleaner makes it easier to remove pet hair and other stubborn dirt.

Our list includes a three-part carpet/upholstery cleaning system that will help you remove the most stubborn interior stains. First, the enzymatic pre-treatment effortlessly dissolves the most stubborn stains. Then, step two helps to further dissolve and remove the soil from the carpet and upholstery fibers. Finally, the third step helps eliminate remaining stains and sterilize surfaces to eliminate car odors.

The ultimate interior cleaning kit to keep your car looking and smelling great.

Note: If your car doesn’t have pet hair and you don’t intend to groom someone else’s car, save some money and refrain from buying pet hair removal brushes.

Car Interior Cleaning Kit – Product List

Car Interior Cleaning Kit - Product and Equipment List

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Paint Correction Kit

Paint correction products and equipment.

Paint Correction is a skill for those who have mastered the decontamination of a car’s paintwork. We have included two dual action polishers with the Paint Correction Kit to ensure all areas of the vehicle can be polished effectively. DA polishers have a lower corrective power than rotary polishers. However, they are much safer and easier for beginners in car detailing.

Adequate lighting is critical to successful color grading. That’s why we included LED work lights and a headlight in the paint correction kit. Ideally, paint touch-ups are done in a garage and away from the elements. However, it is possible to polish the paint outdoors as long as the slabs are not exposed to direct sunlight and remain cool enough not to affect the pot life of the products.

The ultimate paint correction kit complements the exterior cleaning kit. Combining the two cleaning kits into one large set would have made a list of over 50 items and cost more than $1,500. We have included a respirator as compound and polish dust are harmful to the respiratory tract.

Paint Correction Kit Product List

Paint Correction - Product and Equipment List

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